Just A Question for Trump Supporters…

Made in Mexico by Trump

If Donald Trump really wanted corporations to move jobs back to the United States from outsourced factories in foreign countries, how come so many products sold by Donald Trump’s own companies are made in foreign countries, not in the USA?

Okay, it’s a little bit more than just a question.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That’s a Trump brand jacket, manufactured in Mexico you see up at the top of this page.

There is a crisis on the border between the USA and Mexico, but it’s not a crisis of Mexioans flooding into the United States. Think for just a second, Trump supporters: How many times after Election Day has Donald Trump tweeted about the supposed emergency of Mexicans entering the United States?


Under Barack Obama, crossings of people from Mexico into the USA actually decreased a significant amount, down to almost nothing. That border crisis Trump kept on using to whip up his supporters was a fraud.

The only crisis there is at the American border with Mexico right now is the crisis of American jobs for companies owned by President Elect Trump leaving the USA and going down to into Mexican factories.

Donald Trump could move American jobs within his own companies back into the USA if he wanted to, but what Trump really wanted to do with all of his talk about Mexico was to exploit racist, anti-immigrant hatred for his personal benefit.

What Would Fair Treatment Of Trump Be, By Trump’s Standards?

Trump unfair conspiracy theories

This week, instead of agreeing to receive security briefings from intelligence agencies President Elect Donald Trump has spent a lot of time writing statements about how Barack Obama isn’t treating him fairly.

It’s an odd thing, hearing Donald Trump demand to be treated fairly, after he has spent so much time slandering other politicians. Trump said that Ted Cruz had a sexual affair, and that Cruz’s father was the assassin of John F. Kennedy. Trump said that Hillary Clinton was conspiring to rig the election against him, when actually the Russian government had sent out spies, at Trump’s request, to rig the election. He said Ben Carson was a pedophile. Trump’s aides have been spreading rumors that Hillary Clinton has been keeping children captive as sex slaves in the basement of a pizza parlor. .

What would fair treatment of Donald Trump be, given Trump’s own treatment of President Barack Obama?

For years, Donald Trump spread false conspiracy theories that Barack Obama could not be President because he had doctored his birth certificate, and actually was born in Kenya. It’s a matter of public record.

“Let’s take a closer look at that birth certificate,” Trump wrote, saying that President Obama “was described in 2003 as being ‘born in Kenya’.”

By this standard of fairness, Barack Obama should now be spreading rumors that Donald Trump is an extraterrestrial monster from Mars. Obama should be accusing Trump of having committed fraud, submitting a false birth certificate. By Donald Trump’s own standard of fair treatment, Barack Obama should be taking to Twitter to criticize Donald Trump at every opportunity.

Barack Obama isn’t doing these things, because he is 100 times the leader that Donald Trump will ever be.

Donald Trump created a corrosive political atmosphere in the United States. Now, he has to live and work in the fetid conditions that have resulted.

Trump has no one to blame for his problems but himself.

Democratic Party Providing Little Leadership In Anti-Trump Protest

No Trump icon

The reason that the Democratic Party lost the Electoral College vote to the clumsy oaf Donald Trump remains as clear to see after Election Day as it was during the 2016 campaign itself. The Democratic Party lost the presidential campaign because instead of providing genuine leadership to channel the energy of rank-and-file Democrats, the DNC focused mainly on securing big donations from the rich and famous.

That this problem remains is made evidence by the pathetic lack of leadership for grassroots resistance to Donald Trump from the Democratic Party since Election Day. Since Election Day, the DNC has had zero outreach to voters that hasn’t involved asking for money. The most powerful Democratic leader left standing, New York Senator Charles Schumer, is talking about collaborating with Donald Trump. The Democratic Coalition Against Trump hasn’t even bothered to post an update on its website since November.

It’s grassroots groups that have shown the moxie and the mojo to organize popular resistance against Donald Trump – groups like Americans United Against Trump, Daily Action, Disrupt J20, and NeverAgain.tech.

Progressive voters can’t afford to wait for the Democratic Party to get off its plump behind and move into action. It’s up to us to take action for ourselves, on behalf of constitutional principles, without guidance from above. The resistance against Trump won’t come from any centers of power. The complacency of the Democratic establishment has shown since November 8 that the resistance must rise from the ranks.

Inexperienced Ryan Zinke Denies Scientific Reality Of Climate Change

Climate denier Ryan Zinke

Just when it appeared that that the zealously anti-environmental congressional veteran Cathy McMorris Rodgers would be granted the nomination to become the next Secretary of the Interior, Donald Trump announced that he is picking an inexperienced freshman member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Ryan Zinke, for the post.

Zinke’ only relevant experience for the job of Secretary of the Interior is that he has served one two-year term in Congress.

What’s more, Zinke appears to be an even more enthusiastic proponent of corporate pollution. While McMorris Rodgers had a 4% approval rating from the League of Conservation Voters, Zinke’s approval rating with the group is 3%.

Zinke’s opposition to a clean environment appears to be a matter of political ambition rather than sincere intellectual consideration. In 2010, Zinke signed a letter to President Obama urging him to pass strong legislation to confront climate change. By 2014, though, Zinke had decided that he wanted to run for Congress, and decided that in order to get funding from dirty energy corporations, he should switch into full bore right wing climate change denial.

The tactic worked. Zinke gained a seat in Congress using of hundreds of thousands of dollars donated by fossil fuel corporations – much of which was spent through shadowy independent expenditures that can’t be directly traced.

Zinke announced that anthropogenic climate change is “not proven science” even though it clearly is, as a review of the scientific work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change shows. The IPCC, the largest international body of scientists researching climate change, which, upon reviewing the latest scientific data, which is astonishingly vast and well-analyzed, concludes in its report, “Human influence on the climate system is clear, and recent anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases are the highest in history. Recent climate changes have had widespread impacts on human and natural systems. Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, and since the 1950s, many of the observed changes are unprecedented over decades to millennia. The atmosphere and ocean have warmed, the amounts of snow and ice have diminished, and sea level has risen.”

In his earnest attempts to keep his corporate benefactors happy, Zinke has swerved into absurdity, going so far as to claim that climate change won’t necessarily impact the weather. By definition, climate impacts the weather.

Of course, Zinke doesn’t have a degree in climatology. He does have training in the methods of mining for dirty fossil fuels, and seems to have unsuccessfully attempted to expand his understanding of rocks and crude oil into a botched political ideology that denying scientists’ understanding of complex climate systems.

That Zinke’s statements about climate change make no rational sense matters less than the fact that they demonstrate his allegiance to powerful fossil fuels corporations who are willing to send him checks as he works to prevent any meaningful government action to confront global warming, ocean acidification, and sea level rise.

Zinke promotes the burning of more coal, more crude oil, and more gas – the very same practices that got us into the current climate crisis in the first place. Zinke calls this policy “all of the above” which in practice means burn everything you can, and to hell with the consequences.

As Secretary of the Interior, Zinke will be in a position to grant access to public wilderness to the very same corporations that have been sending him money to prop up his young political career. So, the pollution that Zinke is poised to bring to Washington D.C. won’t just be in the form of dirty air and water. Zinke travels with the distinct stench of political corruption as well.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers is the Queen of Unclean

cathy mcmorris rodgers

Update: The nomination of Cathy McMorris Rodgers has been withdrawn, as Donald Trump has chosen an inexperienced one-term U.S. Representative Ryan Zinke to be Secretary of the Interior instead. Zinke also denies the reality of anthropogenic climate change.

Unclean: There is no other word that describes the record of U.S. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers so well. Both ethically and ecologically, McMorris Rodgers has a dirty record, making her a tragically suitable pick to join the Swamp Cabinet of Donald Trump.

As a member of Congress, McMorris Rodgers has accepted over a half million dollars from corporations that profit from the processing and sale of fossil fuels. In return, she has repeatedly taken political stands that subject her constituents to physical harm and economic damage, putting the demands of her corporate donors before the needs of the people she is supposed to have been representing.

It all centers around the ideological insistence by executives at fossil fuel companies that their dangerously antiquated energy products are, contrary to all evidence, clean and safe. The scientific evidence has clearly established that climate change, including global warming, is taking place and is largely due to the industrial activities of human beings, of which the burning of fossil fuels has been a significant part.

Time and again, Cathy McMorris Rodgers has pretended that the scientific evidence of anthropogenic climate change does not exist. She has taken the corporate talking points of her big donors, and used them as excuses to do nothing while the United States of America suffers the consequences. Our nation is seeing increased storm damage, intensified drought, economically damaging extreme temperatures, and wildfires of increasing frequency, size, and duration.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers, taking the direction of her corporate patrons, pretends that these problems simply aren’t happening. So, this year, when wildfires associated with out of control climate change scorched her very own congressional district in eastern Washington, McMorris Rodgers refused to address the underlying crisis, coming up with ridiculous claims instead that the real source of the problem was bad accounting in the U.S. Forest Service.

Over the last two years, Cathy McMorris Rodgers has voted in favor of giving big government handouts to the very same dirty energy corporations that have given her the money she needs to keep her political career afloat. She has voted in favor of allowing big oil companies to sell crude oil overseas, increasing the price of energy here in the USA. She has voted in favor of plans to allow coal companies to store toxic mining wastes on top of groundwater from which people draw their drinking water, and near rivers that human beings depend upon to run clean and clear. She has voted to give powerful corporations special protections from the rule of law when they poison the air, earth, and water. She has voted to help poachers around the world to sell the body parts of endangered animals. She has worked to make air pollution worse in our nation’s cities. She has voted in favor of selling off public resources to her corporate allies at pennies on the dollar. She has voted in favor of preventing ordinary Americans from having the chance to participate in the crafting of government regulations, while allowing the big corporations she takes money from to keep their special access. She has voted time and again to prevent any action at all that would confront the growing climate crisis.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers has spent her entire political career doing everything within her power to make the Earth a more polluted planet. She has done so in order to protect her dirty money donors.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers has been corrupted by big money in Washington D.C. for years. It’s no surprise that Donald Trump would select her to become one of the new inhabitants of his Cabinet’s swamp of blatant corruption.

When the U.S. Senate confirms her confirmation, Cathy McMorris Rodgers will become the Secretary of the Interior, and as such will take the power to grant special favors to the same companies who have given her a half a million dollars. She will follow her previous course, one applauded by Donald Trump, of opening up national parklands to mining, drilling, pipelines, and corporate construction projects, stripping America’s greatest lands for the sake of a quick profit for her financially elite friends.

Years from now, when Cathy McMorris Rodgers and her allies have ripped all the commercial value they can out of America’s parklands, and abandoned them as toxic, stinking, scorched and eroded wastes, our children will look on in anger, and ask how we could have allowed it to happen.

We will only stammer, with some half-hearted explanation of the inherent wisdom of the marketplace on our lips, and then fall silent, in shame.

Even now, we know it isn’t right.

AT&T Advertises With Nazi Web Site Breitbart

AT&T Breitbart Nazi Advertisement

Have you been wondering, over the last few weeks, how the Nazi fake news web site Breitbart managed to become so powerful as to control the outcome of the American presidential election?

In order to understand how Breitbart became so influential, it’s necessary to consider how Breitbart makes its money. Without financial income, Breitbart would be nothing more than just another white supremacist web site put together by an angry skinhead living in his mother’s garage.

Breitbart makes its money by showing advertisements next to its racist, sexist, homophobic articles of hate. Companies sign up to place advertisements all over the web using sites like Google AdWords, and then Google pays Breitbart money every time that American racists go online to read the latest Nazi propaganda put forward by Steve Bannon and his Trumpist minions. In addition to the money from these advertisements, Breitbart gets the prestige of association with well-known brands.

If you want to stop the Nazi ideology that Breitbart spreads, you need to stop the flow of advertising money that keeps Breitbart’s bank accounts full.

The thing is, companies don’t have to allow their advertisements to appear on the Breitbart web site. As Sleeping Giants explains, companies can block offensive web sites like Breitbart from displaying their advertisements by using their advertising service’s settings.

That brings us to AT&T. AT&T is a giant corporation with oodles of people working in public relations and marketing. It could easily choose to withdraw its advertisements from Breitbart. Breitbart is well known to promote Nazi ideology through massive misinformation campaigns.

ATT racist Breitbart

Yet, as the above image shows, the people at AT&T have so far chosen to keep advertising with Breitbart. That’s frightening.

Fortunately, you have the power to do something about it. Take the graphic you see at the bottom of this article, and post it on Twitter in protest of AT&T’s support of Breitbart. Include the @ATT Twitter handle in your tweet so that AT&T knows that you’re paying attention.

In order to avoid conflicts of interest, the UnTrumped does not accept any advertising, and never will.

AT&T Breitbart Nazi Advertisement

#TrumpRegret Hashtag Takes Off On Twitter As GOP Voters Realize Their Mistake

Trump Regret #TrumpRegret

It didn’t take long for Republican voters to realize that they have been played for suckers.

They thought that voting for Donald Trump was some kind of protest vote, on behalf of working class Americans, against Wall Street elites. Then, Trump appointed a whole bunch of Wall Street elites to top government positions.

At the same time, President-Elect Trump promised to lower wages, and introduce big tax cuts for billionaires that won’t trickle down at all to the rest of us.

It turns out Donald Trump was always just running a con on working Americans, on behalf of his billionaire friends.

Boy, are GOP voters pissed. It’s been less than a month since Election Day, but already, one of the trending hashtags on Twitter is #TrumpRegret.

My favorite tweet comes from Americans United Against Trump, a play on an old jazz standard: Ms. Otis regrets she voted for Trump today.

There’s a lot of apologizing to be done. But more importantly, there’s a lot of work to be done to build the resistance to Donald Trump’s arrogant, ignorant, abhorrent plans to wreck America.

Trump Regret #TrumpRegret

Trump Nominee For Secretary Of Defense Says That Killing People Is Fun

James Mattis loose cannon

Last night, Donald Trump announced his choice to become Secretary of Defense, the most powerful civilian adviser to the President of the United States on issues of war and peace: Retired general James Mattis.

In an normal time, we would be talking about the problems of giving a military professional the power to exercise oversight of the military. It’s like designating a fox to guard a henhouse.

These are not normal times, Donald Trump is not a normal President-Elect, and James Mattis is a highly abnormal person.

James Mattis loose cannon

James Mattis has said, in public, without a hint of shame, that he takes feels a sense of joy about going to war, that he likes killing people, that he thinks violence is the greatest form of entertainment he can think of.

Mattis has become infamous for saying, “Actually it’s quite fun to fight them, you know. It’s a hell of a hoot. It’s fun to shoot some people.”

Mattis hasn’t just said this kind of thing on a single occasion, though, in a temporary outburst that doesn’t represent his true feelings. He has talked about his enjoyment and obsession with bloodshed over and over again.

“Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet,” Mattis said.

“There is nothing better than getting shot at and missed. It’s really great,” Mattis said.

“There are hunters and there are victims. By your discipline, cunning, obedience and alertness, you will decide if you are a hunter or a victim. It’s really a hell of a lot of fun,” Mattis said.

These statements, and the bloodthirsty attitudes behind them, have real consequences, as when Mattis ordered the bombing of a wedding in 2004, killing men, women and children.

Was that fun for Mattis? Was it really great? Was it a hell of a hoot?

War should always be the absolute last resort. It should be the goal of every President of the United States, and every Secretary of Defense, to avoid war whenever possible.

James Mattis has declared that he will have the opposite attitude if he is confirmed as Secretary of Defense by the United States Senate. James Mattis will seek out war. He will try to launch America into war at the slightest excuse. His goal will be to start fights whenever possible

In doing so, James Mattis will use American soldiers in the way that little boys use toy soldiers. For him, it will be fun.

For the rest of us, there will be blood and death.