What Would Fair Treatment Of Trump Be, By Trump’s Standards?

This week, instead of agreeing to receive security briefings from intelligence agencies President Elect Donald Trump has spent a lot of time writing statements about how Barack Obama isn’t treating him fairly.

It’s an odd thing, hearing Donald Trump demand to be treated fairly, after he has spent so much time slandering other politicians. Trump said that Ted Cruz had a sexual affair, and that Cruz’s father was the assassin of John F. Kennedy. Trump said that Hillary Clinton was conspiring to rig the election against him, when actually the Russian government had sent out spies, at Trump’s request, to rig the election. He said Ben Carson was a pedophile. Trump’s aides have been spreading rumors that Hillary Clinton has been keeping children captive as sex slaves in the basement of a pizza parlor. .

What would fair treatment of Donald Trump be, given Trump’s own treatment of President Barack Obama?

For years, Donald Trump spread false conspiracy theories that Barack Obama could not be President because he had doctored his birth certificate, and actually was born in Kenya. It’s a matter of public record.

“Let’s take a closer look at that birth certificate,” Trump wrote, saying that President Obama “was described in 2003 as being ‘born in Kenya’.”

By this standard of fairness, Barack Obama should now be spreading rumors that Donald Trump is an extraterrestrial monster from Mars. Obama should be accusing Trump of having committed fraud, submitting a false birth certificate. By Donald Trump’s own standard of fair treatment, Barack Obama should be taking to Twitter to criticize Donald Trump at every opportunity.

Barack Obama isn’t doing these things, because he is 100 times the leader that Donald Trump will ever be.

Donald Trump created a corrosive political atmosphere in the United States. Now, he has to live and work in the fetid conditions that have resulted.

Trump has no one to blame for his problems but himself.