Still No Terrrorism In The USA – So Why Does Trump Have People So Afraid Of It?

Confused Donald Trump

Donald Trump keeps on talking as if the United States is in terrible danger from foreign terrorists. He declares, in his weekly address, that “My administration is committed to your security, which is why we will continue to fight to take all necessary and legal action to keep terrorists, radical and dangerous extremists from ever entering our country. We will not allow our generous system of immigration to be turned against us as a tool for terrorism and truly bad people. We must take firm steps today to ensure that we are safe tomorrow.”

Listening to Donald Trump, a person would assume that there are terrorist attacks killing people in the United States every day. The truth is less dramatic.

Actually, there has not been one single terrorist attack in the United States this year. Not a single one.

That’s not to say that there won’t ever be terrorist attacks in the USA again. Every now and then, a mentally unhinged person will commit an act of violence in America, as the Christian terrorist Timothy McVeigh did in Oklahoma City.

However, such violence is exceptionally rare. On average, Dogs kill more people in the USA than terrorists do.

Yet, we don’t see Donald Trump talking about plans to take “all means necessary” to protect Americans from dogs. That’s because Trump knows that foreigners and Muslims make people afraid, and that he can use people’s fear to maintain political power for himself.

What Americans really need are political leaders who are willing to protect us from demagogues like Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Says Journalists Are Now Becoming Part Of His Corrupt Problem

Donald Trump orange mess

In his campaign rally in Melbourne, Florida, Donald Trump announced that his war against journalists will soon come to an end. Journalists, he says, are beginning to join with his movement, rather than resisting it.

Trump explained, “The dishonest media which has published one false story after another with no sources, even though they pretend they have them, they make them up in many cases, they just don’t want to report the truth and they’ve been calling us wrong now for two years. They don’t get it, but they’re starting to get it. I can tell you that. They’ve become a big part of the problem. They are part of the corrupt system.”

There you have it. Donald Trump says that, more and more, journalists are beginning to stop asking him tough questions and are slowly decreasing the number of facts they publish that are unflattering to the Trump White House.

Increasingly, according to Trump, journalists are bending to his will, becoming part of the problem, repeating Trump propaganda, and joining the corrupt system that Trump is working hard to expand.

The words are coming out of Trump’s own mouth. Does it make us part of the “dishonest media” to repeat them?

We want to become a part of Trump’s corrupt system. Honest, we do. Show us the way, Orange One.

Neil Gorsuch Supported Racial Apartheid in South Africa

Neil Gorsuch apartheid South Africa

You know all those times supporters of Donald Trump insist that Trump is no racist, no white supremacist, no Nazi?

They’re going to have a hard time explaining this one away.

At Columbia University in the mid-1980s, Trump Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch was a fervent activist in favor of racial apartheid in South Africa. Gorsuch stridently opposed all efforts being made by students at Columbia University to oppose apartheid. He argued that opposing brutally violent apartheid would interfere with investment profits. What’s more, Gorsuch repeatedly opposed civil rights protests while at Columbia.

It appears that Neil Gorsuch began his legal career as a white supremacist.

Now, Donald Trump wants to give Gorsuch a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court of the United States.

Please, call your US senators today to tell them that the extreme racism of Neil Gorsuch has no place in the highest court in the land.

Donald Trump Says It’s No Big Deal When National Leaders Assassinate Political Dissidents

American Dictator Donald Trump

If there was any doubt left that Donald Trump is a fascist, that doubt was erased in all reasonable minds today.

Donald Trump, in an interview on national television, scoffed at the idea that there’s any problem with national leaders such as himself killing political dissidents.

An interviewer pointed out to Trump that “Putin’s a killer.”

This comment came in the context of the news today of the apparent poisoning by dictator Vladimir Putin of Russian dissident Vladimir Kara-Murza. Putin is one of Donald Trump’s key political patriots.

In response, Trump stated, “There are a lot of killers. We’ve got a lot of killers. What do you think? Our country’s so innocent?”

For the record, in the United States, assassination is a federal crime. No one, not even the President of the United States, can legally order the assassination of any person.

Is our country so innocent? Yes, Mr. Trump, the United States is supposed to be innocent of the assassination of political dissidents.

Donald Trump doesn’t understand this. He seems to believe that the laws prohibiting the assassination of political opponents is naive. declared today that he has no intention of being restrained by the ban on assassination.

Watch out, America. The President of the United States just indicated that he has no problem with ordering agents of the U.S. government to murder people who publicly oppose his rule.

This is not a joke.

This is not some kind of unorthodox negotiating technique.

The President of the United States just endorsed the use of assassination to get rid of political opponents.

This is uncharted territory. We are in for some very dark times.