Still No Terrrorism In The USA – So Why Does Trump Have People So Afraid Of It?

Donald Trump keeps on talking as if the United States is in terrible danger from foreign terrorists. He declares, in his weekly address, that “My administration is committed to your security, which is why we will continue to fight to take all necessary and legal action to keep terrorists, radical and dangerous extremists from ever entering our country. We will not allow our generous system of immigration to be turned against us as a tool for terrorism and truly bad people. We must take firm steps today to ensure that we are safe tomorrow.”

Listening to Donald Trump, a person would assume that there are terrorist attacks killing people in the United States every day. The truth is less dramatic.

Actually, there has not been one single terrorist attack in the United States this year. Not a single one.

That’s not to say that there won’t ever be terrorist attacks in the USA again. Every now and then, a mentally unhinged person will commit an act of violence in America, as the Christian terrorist Timothy McVeigh did in Oklahoma City.

However, such violence is exceptionally rare. On average, Dogs kill more people in the USA than terrorists do.

Yet, we don’t see Donald Trump talking about plans to take “all means necessary” to protect Americans from dogs. That’s because Trump knows that foreigners and Muslims make people afraid, and that he can use people’s fear to maintain political power for himself.

What Americans really need are political leaders who are willing to protect us from demagogues like Donald Trump.