Just A Question for Trump Supporters…

Made in Mexico by Trump

If Donald Trump really wanted corporations to move jobs back to the United States from outsourced factories in foreign countries, how come so many products sold by Donald Trump’s own companies are made in foreign countries, not in the USA?

Okay, it’s a little bit more than just a question.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That’s a Trump brand jacket, manufactured in Mexico you see up at the top of this page.

There is a crisis on the border between the USA and Mexico, but it’s not a crisis of Mexioans flooding into the United States. Think for just a second, Trump supporters: How many times after Election Day has Donald Trump tweeted about the supposed emergency of Mexicans entering the United States?


Under Barack Obama, crossings of people from Mexico into the USA actually decreased a significant amount, down to almost nothing. That border crisis Trump kept on using to whip up his supporters was a fraud.

The only crisis there is at the American border with Mexico right now is the crisis of American jobs for companies owned by President Elect Trump leaving the USA and going down to into Mexican factories.

Donald Trump could move American jobs within his own companies back into the USA if he wanted to, but what Trump really wanted to do with all of his talk about Mexico was to exploit racist, anti-immigrant hatred for his personal benefit.