Beware this Trifecta of Corporate Corruption from GOP Congress

As the Republican Congress sat on the verge of passing yet another piece of legislation to cripple the ability of the federal government to protect Americans from environmental pollution, workplace hazards, and unsafe consumer products, U.S. Representative Bobby Scott reviewed the threat. It wasn’t just the Regulatory Accountability Act, the single piece of legislation being considered yesterday, that endangered the federal protections that keep hundreds of millions of Americans from exposure to harmful and even deadly substances, but a larger agenda, administered through three separate bills. Scott explained, “Over the past 2 weeks, the majority has considered three bills on the House floor designed to undermine the ability of the executive branch to implement essential economic and public health protections for the people we have the honor to represent: the so-called Midnight Rules Relief Act, which could retroactively disallow rules issued as far back as June of last year; the REINS Act, which requires a majority vote of both Houses of Congress before any major rule can go into effect; and today’s Regulatory Accountability Act, which is an 82-page omnibus bill which would effectively tie the executive branch into so much red tape that environmental, workplace, and consumer protections might never see the light of day.”

It’s essential, in understanding the advance of Donald Trump’s iron grip over American government, to remember that his program of pro-corporate fascism is being implemented through congressional actions. The three pieces of legislation Bobby Scott named yesterday are at the core of Donald Trump’s agenda allowing big business to take over Washington DC by crippling the federal agencies that are supposed to stand between raw corporate power and the American people.

Come to grips with these bills, and you’ll begin to perceive one of the more insidious ways in which the Trumpists are depriving Americans of a government of the people, by the people, for the people. It all comes down to this: If federal agencies can’t make rules to apply the laws on the books, then the laws that protect Americans from corporate abuse become meaningless.

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