Democratic Party Providing Little Leadership In Anti-Trump Protest

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The reason that the Democratic Party lost the Electoral College vote to the clumsy oaf Donald Trump remains as clear to see after Election Day as it was during the 2016 campaign itself. The Democratic Party lost the presidential campaign because instead of providing genuine leadership to channel the energy of rank-and-file Democrats, the DNC focused mainly on securing big donations from the rich and famous.

That this problem remains is made evidence by the pathetic lack of leadership for grassroots resistance to Donald Trump from the Democratic Party since Election Day. Since Election Day, the DNC has had zero outreach to voters that hasn’t involved asking for money. The most powerful Democratic leader left standing, New York Senator Charles Schumer, is talking about collaborating with Donald Trump. The Democratic Coalition Against Trump hasn’t even bothered to post an update on its website since November.

It’s grassroots groups that have shown the moxie and the mojo to organize popular resistance against Donald Trump – groups like Americans United Against Trump, Daily Action, Disrupt J20, and

Progressive voters can’t afford to wait for the Democratic Party to get off its plump behind and move into action. It’s up to us to take action for ourselves, on behalf of constitutional principles, without guidance from above. The resistance against Trump won’t come from any centers of power. The complacency of the Democratic establishment has shown since November 8 that the resistance must rise from the ranks.