#TrumpRegret Hashtag Takes Off On Twitter As GOP Voters Realize Their Mistake

Trump Regret #TrumpRegret

It didn’t take long for Republican voters to realize that they have been played for suckers.

They thought that voting for Donald Trump was some kind of protest vote, on behalf of working class Americans, against Wall Street elites. Then, Trump appointed a whole bunch of Wall Street elites to top government positions.

At the same time, President-Elect Trump promised to lower wages, and introduce big tax cuts for billionaires that won’t trickle down at all to the rest of us.

It turns out Donald Trump was always just running a con on working Americans, on behalf of his billionaire friends.

Boy, are GOP voters pissed. It’s been less than a month since Election Day, but already, one of the trending hashtags on Twitter is #TrumpRegret.

My favorite tweet comes from Americans United Against Trump, a play on an old jazz standard: Ms. Otis regrets she voted for Trump today.

There’s a lot of apologizing to be done. But more importantly, there’s a lot of work to be done to build the resistance to Donald Trump’s arrogant, ignorant, abhorrent plans to wreck America.

Trump Regret #TrumpRegret